How to Blame Others and Entertain People

December 25th, 2014

Due to a horrible accident involving, perhaps, various radioactive equipment including a twinkie, I am not all that particularly amused by trolls. It's shameful, but true. Wilful stupidity, however, and especially the sort that redoubles rather than retreats upon confronting its existence, is nearly always a hoot. Somehow, Bitcoin doesn't seem to attract much in the way of middle ground here; its home office idiots are well hardened against sense, reason, language, basic powers of perception, and so on. Which yields gloriously awful crap as below1, cobbled together by ninjashogun or whatever personality of his tied the others up in a corner today:

Dear Mr Popescu

I've totally stopped offering you any services2 and am done with IRC, but there is one issue we need to clear up below3. Firstly my interaction not only resulted in wasting weeks of my time, including with the scammer Ryan Gentle but has led me to the conclusion that people's mentality in the bitcoin world is a cult4 that is approximately the opposite of building products and shipping them, building businesses and growing them5. A deflationary currency with sovereignty from any investor protections has resulted in nothing but scams. We will leave any discussion of you out of this.6

I have no desire to be associated with it in any way. Unfortunately, there is a problem. You have indexed my communications with you, despite Freenode's advice against this:

[You know the drill. A word of caution about how publishing logs may lead to idiots flipping their shit.]

Unfortunately, a search for my name now comes up with logs of these private conversations, in misleading contexts. I would like just my name redacted from these logs, which were never meant to be published by Google7. Here is a search of me:

[Yes, there was seriously a link to a Google search of the guy's name. 'Cause he's used to attempts to swindle mouthbreathers who wouldn't otherwise know what to do. Come to think of it I'm disappointed the subject line didn't describe how to "open" the email.]

Benkay, who trolls on IRC, has done the same8 of you (in private PM):

*<**benkay**> an mmorpg that isn't*
*<**benkay**> a security device that doesn't*
*<**benkay**> a betting site that defrauds its users*
I don't know anything about the mmorpg.
Wait a minute, please, slow down.
*<**benkay**> and an exchange that only trades shares in itself once the options scam blew over*9

It would be similar if I were to take this information and publish it against your name (and mine). Fortunately this is unpublished10. I have no intention to publish it, please don't misunderstand me, I would just like you to know how it feels to have benkay troll you and to have this indexed11.

Kindly advise me whether you could have just my name redacted from apprxoimately 3 places in the public logs, so that this trolling does not come up first and damage my reputation. The claims that come up are simply not true and slanderous. I realize it's not something benkay cares about, since he is not actually trying to build anything. He's not raising investment for anything12.

Mr Popescu kindly advise me on how we can resolve this small issue. if in the future I do have something that is of use to you I will be happy to forward it on for your information.13

I am sorry that I had such a bad experience with your community but I am being extremely negatively affected as a result.

Merry Derpmas.

  1. Call it an Xmas forward-present from the boss. []
  2. Services, you hear? Which are totally different from the "services" of incontinent emails that seek to impose duty to appease idiocy, because wrapping paper. []
  3. Because when you're in a situation that calls for abject begging, it's a good idea to tell someone else what they "need" to do. As a bonus, if you further posturize to include yourself in the need, it'll be easier for the person you should've been begging to come to terms with how they're actually obligated to help you. Totally. []
  4. "I'm fine, it's everyone else that's stupid," an old and apparently not nearly exhausted delusion. Also, if you invoke the magic word "cult," people will come to terms with how reason's course towards conclusions shared amongst the reasonable is actually evil, and makes people wear funny shoes and say things they don't mean (cause that stuff they said about how you're stupid, they didn't really mean that, obviously. It was the cult!). []
  5. The Warrior Forum model of "businessmanning" being in fact a fairly good opposite for Bitcoin, certainly in spirit. []
  6. Keep in mind that the cult of reason is evil, but magic is still okay. Thus declaring things makes them true, irrelevant nonsense is the stuff of life, and anything good is to be swept under the rug with our magical broom. []
  7. Oh sweet, sweet baklava of misunderstanding, I've not the tongue to taste your millefeuille. []
  8. The same, mind you, 'cause making an ass out of yourself and someone else yappin' about you are THE SAME THINGS. He's epoxied them together and everything, there's nothing you can do. []
  9. Private PM? Private private message? Which isn't actually private, of course. The unprivate private private message. And spam. But seriously now, benkay, you been fraternizing with other cults?! The indigginancy! []
  10. Oops. []
  11. To recap, if you desperately want someone to do something for you, the steps are 1. Tell them they need to do it, 2. Emit them from a summary of their field and thereby condemn the field, 3. Attempt to threaten them, but 4. With things that'd bother YOU, not things that'd bother them. []
  12. "Raising investment," ie trying to look good for noobs, which is more important than having something to offer. []
  13. 'Cause this is totally possible. []

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