The Christmas Day of the Dead

December 28th, 2014

The Recoleta Cemetery of Buenos Aires is often lauded as one of the most beautiful resting places in the world, and though I haven't been to all that many, I'd imagine it has a good shot at being worthy of the description. What's perhaps more interesting than its beauty, however, is the sense one gets while walking through it that the cemetery comprises a miniature city, complete with narrow streets sporting elaborate houses about the right size for a chimpanzee...a sedentary chimp, anyway.

Even the palms and magnolia trees respect the diminutive world within the cemetery gates.

And like any city, it has its well to do neighborhoods

...and its dilapidated quarters, slowly being reclaimed by spiders and other agents of nature.

The architectural periods and persuasions are well represented, with unexpected appearances of French Gothic

...and Italian Fascist.

The townsfolk are nearly as varied, from the well-hatted

to the Hugh Heffner of the afterlife livin' (not so) large in his bathrobe n' booties.

Lenin himself may even be secretly buried here, ostensibly in a communist plot

(not really).

In all, a pretty way to spend Christmas day, and a better still way to feel mortal. Yet tall.

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