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Your Own, Personal, Failure

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Me: You think Daily Dot'll write back1?
MP: Probably not. And I'll count it against them. It's social ineptitude. What are they, twelve?

Me: Yes. Not only are they butthurt and without a clue of what to say, but it'd take too much time and effort to try.
MP: They don't know what to say? This is why they're children, adults are those who know what to say. And what is it they don't know what to say about? That they fucked up. This is the most banal thing there is, it's the bread and butter of life, you fucked something up!

Me: No. To them it's the most horrible thing there is, which they thankfully never have to face.
MP: But they do. They fuck up.

Me: Nope.
MP: Why not?

Me: Because their mother loves them.
MP: Well then the mother obviously fucked something up. What is she, Jesus?

Me: Yeah. She died on the cross-stitch.

Fail fast. Fail hard. Call it, examine it, make it as plain as possible. Not only to yourself, but to everyone that failure touched, and to any of your betters who will listen. Get it out of your system and clean yourself up. You are potty-trained, aren't you?


  1. An email MP sent to the "editors" of some "online news" crapsalad, after a woman that wishes to be a writer begrudingly ventured into "journalism" ostensibly to pay for that day's soymilk. Journalism being an actual field, it's plainly obvious when the unskilled halfassedly don its cap. Hint: you'll have to actually talk to people; news isn't the product of a sole observer's digestive tract. []

Line betting on BitBet, April 2015

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Hash: SHA1

Report 13. May 2nd, 2015
Accounting url:

Total wagers made: 0; all time: 66 (2x wagers on 33 bets)
Total wagered: 0 BTC; all time: 33 BTC
Total bets resolved: 4; all time: 301
Total calls won: 4; all time: 22
Total calls lost: 0; all time: 8
Total calls pending: 3 (6 wagers on 3 bets)
Total amount won: 3.82240816, less 4 BTC resolved wagers, for a period loss of .17759184; to date, 26.70454461 won less 30 BTC resolved wagers, for an all-time loss of 3.29545539.

Outstanding wagers: 3 BTC

Notes: A fairly obnoxious month, what with the bitpay win not quite bringing in the gain it should have in the wake of 1123, 1108, and 1119, which exemplify the penalties of being on the right side, but not by enough. Greater precision in calls is top priority (expect to see wagers to the hundredth or even thousandth of a coin where plausible), along with, of course, finding good bets to wager on in the first place.

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  1. Bets resolved from earlier placing periods: 1123, 1108, 1119, 803 []