A Megaton Load of Grassy Debris

July 16th, 2015

Actually, the weight is just under ten thousand, and the units aren't specified --it's just that I can't carry more than 442 at a time, so moving this thing back to town should get some blood pumpin'. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, you're not playing Eulora yet. But you should be. There are plenty of reasons1 to play, but today's is sponsored by my 51K Dry Clump of Grass find. From a *tiny* exploration marker. Behold:

51765 Clumps

That's one Little Bit o' Nothing and one swipe of a Finest Improved Pickaxe for 51,765 Dry Clumps of Grass. Previously, my biggest find was from a Small, and it was 47. Anyway, this wholly unexpected whack to the pockets from the Grass Fairy dug me well out of my mining slump.

I've managed no such feats in crafting, although I did witness Mircea Mircescu's 1 Bitcent crafting milestone the other day:

1 Bitcent in Craftin'

Ends with an A! Begins with an E!2

  1. S.MG's first game title, Bitcoin RCE, possibly the only MMO out right now that isn't a predictable, linear quest-chase where nothing really matters and everyone wins...and besides, there's stuff like Slithy Toves and Wooly Mushrooms. []
  2. Rock out with yer cock out. []

2 Responses to “A Megaton Load of Grassy Debris”

  1. [...] find (worth about 9 million copper coins) dislodges Grenadine Sippycup's 51k Dry Clumps of Grass find (worth about 2 million copper coins), the previous record [...]

  2. [...] supplying enough Wooly Mushrooms and Spicy Moss to keep the toolmaking machine churning, as enough Clumps of Dry Grass were found to keep the Small claims exploitable, as enough Shiny Rock and Flotsam flowed into [...]

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