Line betting on BitBet, June 2015

July 2nd, 2015

Report 15. July 2nd, 2015

GPG signed statement1

Accounting url: stats/18bCNXjdT2NUjcip6KdbFR5EEFAu3oTgTq

Total wagers made: 4; all time: 81 (2x wagers on 40 bets)
Total wagered: 2 BTC; all time: 40 BTC
Total bets resolved: 1; all time: 322
Total calls won: 1; all time: 24
Total calls lost: 0; all time: 8
Total calls pending: 8 (16 wagers on 8 bets)3
Total amount won: 1.09046461, less 1 BTC resolved wagers, for a period gain of .09046461; to date, 28.88948046 won less 32 BTC resolved wagers, for an all-time loss of 3.11051954.

Outstanding wagers: 8 BTC

New bets this period:
1. Bet 1154, FIFA President Sepp Blatter out of office in 2015; .85 on No (bet 6), .15 on Yes (bet 5); status: ongoing4.
2. Bet 1165, Victor Ponta to remain Romania's Prime Minister in 2015; .94 on No (bet 5), .06 on Yes (bet 4); status: ongoing.

Notes: US Presidential primary bets should start opening up this month, looking forward to it.

  1. As per jurov's suggestion I'll be signing like so from now on. []
  2. Bets resolved from earlier placing periods: 1074 []
  3. Note: last month's pending count was erroneously reported as 8; it should have been 7. Derp. []
  4. This one's been a rollercoaster ride; guy broke his well-established form and "announced" he'd leave, now he's saying he never meant he'd resign. I'm very curious how this'll end up, and how long it'll take, at that []

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