Line betting on BitBet, October 2015

November 2nd, 2015

Report 19. November 2nd, 2015

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Accounting url: stats/18bCNXjdT2NUjcip6KdbFR5EEFAu3oTgTq

Total wagers made: 0; all time: 88 (2x wagers on 44 bets)
Total wagered: 0 BTC; all time: 44 BTC
Total bets resolved: 1; all time: 371
Total calls won: 0; all time: 28
Total calls lost: 1; all time: 9
Total calls pending: 7 (14 wagers on 7 bets)
Total amount won: 0.60813385, less 1 BTC resolved wager, for a period loss of 0.39186615; to date, 33.92358519 won less 37 BTC resolved wagers, for an all-time loss of 3.07641481.

Outstanding wagers: 7 BTC

Notes: Blatter's ousting obviously could've been a much bigger hit, though the ~40 bitcents lost puts this adventure back over three under, which is disappointing. At any rate, looking towards the end of the calendar year, two of the currently open bets will close, and hopefully more sound betting opportunities will arise as 2016 approaches. I remain rather skeptical re bets on BTC/USD given the former's talent for wild mood swings, though I think some daring with those may need to be employed if preferable bets don't start flooding the radar.

  1. Bets resolved from earlier placing periods: 1154 []

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