How to Unmake Money in Eulora, Sorta

February 15th, 2016

You'd think losing fifty eight million ECU1 would take some careful planning, or at least a good day's worth of acting irrationally. Good news, friends! Such a feat can be achieved in a mere two hours, and all it takes is a simple question: would it be better if Eulora's grand Sunday auctions were doled out piece by piece, rather than in one set? Since specialization is a path evidently sought out by nearly every frequent player --we have a top farmer, a master tinkerer, dedicated miners, and plenty of other niches where dominance is still being decided--, wouldn't it be great if people could bid only on the items that most appealed to them, without having to shore up a major sum for the whole thing?

The answer, apparently, is no. I mean, it might be fun as a sort of novelty, but the willingness to pay for individual items rather than the agglomeration is laughably low. Fifty eight millionly laughable. That's right: I, Grenadine Sippycup, took today's main auction to 140 million ECU to secure the package and, having immediately climbed the podium2 and announced the happy divisioning of the provisioning to those present, found myself repaid with a measly 82 million3 once the gavel'd gaveled its last. Leaving me almost half in the whole, or as the boss so blithely put it, I basically "donated 70mn to lol". Well, 58mn. But who's counting.

What followed was a lengthy, lively ruckus amongst the winners and assorted bidders and bystanders to determine who'd use which spoils, how, and amazingly, by what freshly forged deals. Though Grenadine will weather the experiment4, it's an interesting, and I suppose merely further, warning to would-be entrepreneurs venturing into Eulora's easily misleading mists: this market isn't terribly predictable, and it was never very kind.

Who knows what today's flutter of butterfly wings will bring to our island hereafter, or who will take a hit or a helping hand along the way.


  1. Eulora copper units. Fifty eight bitcents. []
  2. There aren't really any podiums in Eulora, but I did stand up extra straight, promise. []
  3. For the curious, it breaks down like so: One Three-Pointed Thorn, q31,415, went to Daniel Barron for 70k; Ten Petrified Bubbles q200 went to Mircea Mircescu for 11M; Four hundred Pointedly Odorous Charcoal Conceptions q200 went to Mircea Mircescu for 2.5M; Two hundred Misshaped Ampoule Designs q200 went to Mircea Mircescu for 6.5M; Two hundred Black of Desspayr Recipes q200 went to Daniel Barron for 12M; and One hundred Apprentice Bouquinist Considerations q200 were won by Mircea Mircescu for 50M. Stay tuned to DPB's Eulora buzz, apparently he got the whole thing on video. []
  4. Insa Allah! []

4 Responses to “How to Unmake Money in Eulora, Sorta”

  1. jurov says:

    For me the problem was I did not know what the items do at all. If you provided the added value of explaining what the individual items are for, I'd likely bid much more.

    • han@thewhet says:

      I guess an (unspoken) idea here is that the same "added value" is a particular player's asset; knowing what something is/could likely be worth is tied up with the skill involved in being "good" at playing, inasmuch as that's a thing. So if the game's publisher either doesn't choose to or fails to succeed in communicating said added value to bidders, it wouldn't be upon the bidders to establish it for others.

      This, of course, only holds in the absence of the entire reselling thing, which I gather by now was the crux of my mistake. Had I waited for the value of the pieces to become apparent, I imagine I'd've done a lot better, leveraging the later knowledge against my own early purchase. As it was I tried to capitalize on a sort of "grab-bag" mystique.

      Such is the nature of trying silly shit on the fly, eh.

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