MP-WP: Genesis Regrind

June 11th, 2018

Cause for this regrind consists of the lack of a proper manifest file as per the official Republican spec, along with the incorrect directory structure, both of which have been addressed in this new genesis vpatch.

The recently-released patch for comments has been included, as has a minor cosmetic/derpatic change to image files, the names of which no longer contain spurious remnants of their pre-svgization filetypes.

* mp-wp_genesis.vpatch
* mp-wp_genesis.vpatch.hanbot.sig

Note: this genesis was built and press-tested with phf's vtools, via its keccak head.

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  1. [...] was originally posted March 24, 2018 before this blogs' temporary death on old VPS. Since then, hanbot has released a MP-WP genesis, and esthlos also posted a handy guide on erecting mp-wp on gentoo (which I consulted while [...]

  2. Diana Coman says:

    Crucially for anyone trying to use this, the regrind changes the hashes used from sha to keccak. This means that the new mp-wp genesis can be pressed only with a V that knows of Keccak hashes (pointedly not with the original or

  3. [...] you can grab the mp-wp genesis vpatch from hanbot's site. Download both the vpatch and the signature. Move the vpatch to the patches [...]

  4. [...] rebuilding this blog following a small disaster I allowed to happen a number of lessons about MP-WP have been [...]

  5. [...] Though ave1's gnat is the current cannonical version, I decided to try diana_coman's adacore gnat alone to see if it'd work. This much was as straightforward as I remember, having needed it for phf's keccak vtools during the MP-WP regrind. [...]

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