hanbot's Cuntoo Bake Test Notes - Part III, with Prep Script

March 8th, 2019

Following Part II, I had my machine rebooted and re-attempted preparation for Cuntoo from scratch. I managed to wrap my head around the admittedly simple path problem previously encountered, and ran trinque's bootstrap.sh. As reported in #trilema, the process fell over on looking for the expected kernel configuration file. I'd used the default config/4.9.94-apu2 parameter. Apparently there's more to this than "preferring" your own. Whoops.

I went through both lobbes' and mod6's recent cuntoo adventure reports to look for clues on kernel configuration, and found I could replicate mod6's process of copying the .config file in /usr/src/linux into the cuntoo/config directory.

The bootstrapper's running now; I'm looking forward to seeing what it has to say in the morning.

Meanwhile, the multiple reboots throughout the process thus far meant I had to prepare my machine for the bootstrapper multiple times, which process naturally became easier but still took up a lot of time copypasting and filling in holes in my notes.

I threw the steps into a script, cuntoo-prepper.sh, with signature. Installation of gnat, V, vtools, and associated pressing and setup is included, along with signature and sha512sum checking where relevant. Depending on your setup, you may need to edit your /etc/hosts file to include the various domains involved before running the script1 : ossasepia.com btcbase.org wot.deedbot.org trinque.org thebitcoin.foundation

Go with defaults during the gnat installation lest you end up tangled in directory confusion.

You'll have to manipulate your path a couple of times once the script's finished:

PATH="/usr/gnat/bin:$PATH"; export PATH
export PATH="/usr/gnat/vtoolsp1/vtools:$PATH"

Then do any futzing required for your kernel config, cd to your cuntoo directory, and hit it.

  1. Obviously if you need to enter thewhet.net just to get the prep script, you'll need alla these too. []

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  2. Diana Coman says:

    You are missing some "cd" in your script as it ended up downloading V and what follows into the gnat dir (probably line 46 after cd /usr/gnat and path, you'd want to get back to original location). Maybe do a pushd at the beginning (pushes the current path onto the stack i.e. "saves it" for later use) and then a popd to recover it after gnat businness. For that matter, you don't need cd /usr/gnat to export path, you can export it fine from anywhere.

    Using "-m 20" for curl might have worked for you because you ran everything on pizarro's iron and so all downloads were effectively in the local network but it's a bad idea otherwise to assume that all downloads will take at most 20seconds (cuntoo.tar is ~800MB) for anyone and anywhere. Basically you are setting up the script to fail for anyone with a connection that is less than lightning fast and without even as much as stopping at the failure point or anything. If you absolutely want to set an upper limit there, make it at least a variable passed to the script so you don't curse yourself when you run it on a less-than-great connection or anything.

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