Blistering Choice

May 10th, 2019

The very thought of the development of the specific psychopathies over time is enough to make me sick. Imagine the movement through a lifetime of a worm, acquiring in slow succession now antennae, now carbuncles, now splotches and hairs, complicated feet and feet for the feet themselves, ever multiplying in sickening mathematical complexity until there's nothing in particular that can be focused upon. All you can do as an observer is zoom in or zoom out, and every movement is edged in razors.

At first it was a sweet dream. There was something so simple, so round, about the correctness of things, about the possibility even of correctness. Only being able to imagine that there was some difference between paths, that there was meaning in action just as there was meaning in inaction, was revolutionary. It was the answer to all problems, and the light in all tunnels.

But there is no choice as to scope or context. For loving what is right you are not able to prefer it sometimes, or in some places. There is only where it leads you, of its own accord, by some laws you'll never know, by some laws that cannot be known. There is no guarantee that the entirety of life will be spent any other way than being compelled to love the correctness of the clutching of a sponge. And in truth, why should it really be any different? Whether something is large or small, simple or complex, whether it takes a great deal to comprehend or even see it or it appears as though a speck, a blip on the map of an existence, what does it matter to someone devoted to the thing itself?

And yet it can. And yet it can, terribly. It can matter to the extent that nothing else does, and the correct sponge holding becomes as a hateful fact, a thing utterly loathed and dreadful to think about, idol and paragon of everything wrong and unhappy. The silence and space around small things is too much to stomach, too much to mouth, even. It encroaches and grows and mocks, leaving the observer stultified and saddened, without material for anything at all. With no material, themselves, in or out. A shell, if you could call it that, for there's not all that much defining the borders after a while. Just a sort of gas that moves around, maybe, for unclear reasons, and to unclear ends.

You do not get to choose. The shape of what a dream looks like is a trap inasmuch as it contains any detail. The slightest detail at all is a lie, is a shackle waiting to ensnare the dreamer somewhere along the way, killing both their movement through the dream and their ability to wake up. Why should precision be quite so deadly? Supposedly specificity is a great boon, is a prime tool towards the development or manifestation of anything, anything at all. And yet, what can really be manifested in the presence of specificity? Only the hollow, aching death of the thing that was actually planned for.

Not knowing isn't better. Not caring is the only thing. But why would one dream if one didn't care? What's to dream about if you care about nothing? To dream of nothing itself, maybe, like a monk. Like a monk who sits, a dipole in the atmosphere, producing nothing.

It is in the network of rot of all of this that the insects appear, all fat, horribly articulated bellies and iridescent wings. What better place for such creatures to infest than a tangled nest of grief and contradiction. What experience, exactly, is one supposed to have from within an itching mess that can't be seen out of? The experience of prurience with blindness, the constant removal of one's own skin, the constant irritation to grow more calluses where the old ones were painfully scratched away.

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  1. The only thing that can make this any better is re-reading it, foot snugly ensconced in the delicious warmth between the author's thigs, sole resting flatly on the author's cunt ; re-reading it as part of an upgrade to a different article in one's own work, having discovered mid-nap that in fact a whole byte was left out of the discussion of the outrageous stupidity of some duke's manifestly, slavishly dedicated wife (what more can man ask fore ?) -- and yet not needing to really do all that much work : just some framing there and a reference to here, that's all, half hour's worth of explanation condensed in three minute's work, leaving plenty of time to give credit where it's due : for all the pain, and threshing, and self-immolation and in one word torture of the woman attached to the cunt under my foot, I now have ample time to point all that out, and from the pointing a metaphore readily flows ; yes it is true she physically sleeps, and dreams, and her cute clitty snuggles in its hood and sleeps and dreams itself, pressed against my skin an inch below my toes, towards the heel. But she's also lived most of her life precisely like this, her cunt under my foot, and with the cunt attached her whole being. The part stands for the whole, mysteriously, incomprehensibly, yet that's the true power of this correctness, truth, adequacy, precision, specificity &all : that by it, and through it, parts can actually stand for wholes ; and in no other way.

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