Localbitcoins cracked corn, and I don't care.

August 25th, 2019

On June 1st, localbitcoins silently switched off the ability to select "cash in person" as a bitcoin trade option on its site. Unsurprisingly, it "temporarily disabled" its forum at the same time. I know this, or at least, I knew it as quickly as I did, because various members of the WoT I built there over the years wrote to me to decry the fact and point out that they were still available for cash trades; I've only to say the word.

I've been trading on localbitcoins for about five years. I've used it on four continents and in more than thrice as many countries. If you looked at my profile, you wouldn't know any of the foregoing. Why? That's implicit in the word used above. I don't give a shit about some dorks and their wanna-be website, or about what they think are good criteria for trading. That's *my* call, and the kinds of people I want to trade with in the first place are also the kinds of people who rely on their own damned research. That means absolute bullshit in the vein of "verified accounts" is more of an anti-signal than a real one. Always has been, always will be. The very idea that a third party, not in my WoT, with unknown incentives1 can do the work of verifying someone for me, is antithetical to Bitcoin itself. What do I care how many trades some anonymous randos (for all we know, and likely so, bots, or as close to bots as humans get) say a trader under my consideration has done? Why would I take some website's word on the matter, even if I were interested in the foregoing; why wouldn't I talk to those randos myself?

And therein lies perhaps the most damning aspect of the use of sites like localbitcoins as the maintainers themselves would propose it be used --just like every other such layer of obfuscation, it attempts to separate you, the user, from what is a potential member of you WoT. It attempts to exploit your natural disinclination to talk to people you do not know, to automate and opiate the uncomfortable, so all you have to do is click here or there, compare one and two. I would very much like to live in a world where everyone already knows, consciously, that giving in to such a thing is tantamount to selling oneself in the worst way --that is, selling one's willingness and ability to think, to decide-- but I know I don't. It's too goddamned tempting to walk the "easy" route and let someone else do the dirty work of uncomfortable interaction for you. But you're giving up control, and while it's easy now it'll be a damned sight harder later, when you're older, when you need the fruits of your control that much more, and you haven't the ability to wrest it back.

So no, I'm not especially concerned that localbitcoins is handing itself and its users over to the forces of evil2 The people who will be negatively affected are either attempting to "be involved with bitcoin" in ways that directly oppose what bitcoin is, or else belong to that sad group that was however slowly attempting to figure out how it ought to be used, correctly. They built relationships, but kept them on-site. They traded when they absolutely needed it, but didn't trade for the sake of WoT-building. They acted, in one way or another, out of hesitancy and avoidance of their duty, which is to be responsible for their connections.

The necessary corollary being, of course, that making strong, exhaustive connections isn't optional! That state wherein you need an intermediary to tell you when you may and may not access "your" money, and how, and how much, and you can rot on your couch ordering ramen to your doorstep and making friends/masturbatory fodder on okcupid is called Unified Silly Dosidoe banking. Bitcoin isn't it, and it doesn't matter how many "regulatory agencies", "trading platforms", "websites", or ads masquerading as media try to proclaim otherwise.

Do your work, use tools as a human uses tools. Anything else is slavery.

  1. We can imagine their incentive is to part me from at least some portion of my money, and that their hope is I'm the sort of fool towards whom this sort of incentive works. []
  2. If turning off the one desirable trade option without notice while denying easy access to discussion thereof isn't enough for you, consider Jeremias Kangas and family took the further step of confiscating all coin in wallets not verified to The Great Old Ones' satisfaction on August 1st. []

6 Responses to “Localbitcoins cracked corn, and I don't care.”

  1. Per my lights, "localbitcoins" was *always* evil. In that it demanded that folks give to a third party information it has no business having (i.e. the very fact of A e.g. trading a gold dubloon to B for a BTC.) Granted, nobody cancelled MP's "a market requires an agreed-upon meeting place". But "localbitcoins" doesn't magically become a solution any more than medieval dung elixirs become "medical treatments" simply from lack of alternative.

  2. Afaik people just dated on it, set up meets, whatever. Nobody actually put numbers in.

  3. hanbot says:

    So long as we understand by "nobody" those who failed to use the thing correctly, yeah, nobody actually put numbers in. The whole of its utility was to scout potential traders and establish contact, to then be moved to some other medium.

    @Stanislav Datskovskiy: Sure, it was never purely lacking in evil, far from it, but I found I could use it without acquiring any indelible spots on my soul, while that lasted. Like so many things, its "demands" are only relevant to zeks.

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  5. based frogposter says:

    Hi, which exchange would you recommend nowadays to exchange bitcoin for cash? its getting increasingly difficult. Is bisq legit? probably has low liquidity. I've also read about hodlhodl but not sure. I just dont see much offer for cash. I think people become scared to meet in person. They think they will get robbed or its a cop or something and liquidity went low. And now with corona its even worse. People dont even want to touch the cash smh
    And any of those bitcoin ATMs are worth using or they ask or record data? I just would need to cash out $1000 monthly or so to help at home. Can't see a way to get more anyway everything i've seen has very low liquidity. thank u

    • hanbot says:

      Depends on where you are, and where you can go, though the point generally is that the time for making new trading partnerships was long ago --at least, if you're relying on these dating-style networks to get things started for you.

      Nothing replaces actual networking, then or now; sites like lbtc and its heaps of (generally dismal, yes) would-be heirs just make, or attempt to make, things faster. Do the work, talk to people. All the people. Establish something you can actually use. Traders exist, you'll just have to pay a higher effort tax to find them now.

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